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Sam Blake’s second YA novel, Something’s About to Blow Up will publish May 23rd with Gill Books.

‘Readers have been asking if they will get to see more of Frankie, Sorcha and Jess and the Raven’s Hill girls, and the answer is YES! I LOVED writing Something Terrible Happened Last Night, and I’m thrilled to be back with the girls in the next dramatic event that hits Raven’s Hill.’ Sam Blake

Here’s the story:

When an explosion rips through the chemistry lab at Raven’s Hill School and six girls are injured, the first thought is that it’s an experiment gone wrong. Then the guards start investigating and suspect a bomb. But if so – who was it targeting, and why? Ella, Becky, Maeve and Mackenzie are rushed to hospital, along with the injured Frankie and Sorcha, who team up with Jess to try to find out what actually happened. But what they discover is more sinister than even they could have imagined…

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Sam Blake’s first YA novel, Something Terrible Happened Last Night published May 4th 2023 with Gill Books, and opens at Katie’s 17th birthday party – the dancefloor is packed, the drink is flowing and Rave-fess, the Raven’s Hill School confession site, is alight with gossip. Then a huge fight breaks out, sending guests fleeing. When Frankie, Jess and Sorcha go back to help Katie clear up her wrecked house before her parents get home, they find more than broken bottles … There’s a body on the living room floor.

There are 100 suspects, but only 1 killer. Can you work out what happened?

‘I really love the girls at Raven’s Hill School, it’s a big cast with a whole mix of personality types, girls who have come together from all over the world. Raven’s Hill is a girls’ boarding and day school in the fictional town of Kilmurray Point, with partner boys’ school, Raven’s Park College, providing much of the drama! I really hope readers can identify with the characters and enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.’ Sam Blake

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