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Something’s About to Blow Up

When an explosion rips through the chemistry lab at Raven’s Hill School and six girls are injured, the first thought is that it’s an experiment gone wrong. Then the guards start investigating and suspect a bomb. But if so – who was it targeting, and why? Ella, Becky, Maeve and Mackenzie are rushed to hospital, along with the injured Frankie and Sorcha, who team up with Jess to try to find out what actually happened. But what they discover is more sinister than even they could have imagined…

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Praise for Something’s About to Blow Up:

‘Phew! I finished SOMETHING’S ABOUT TO BLOW UP last night and am finally coming up for air. What I love about these books is how they rely on a tight plot and well-done mystery to keep the book moving quickly. No jump scares or gimmicky thriller stuff needed. Truly, that is what I love about a good mystery and this is definitely a GOOD mystery!’ – Alison Weatherby (Author)

‘Another cracker from Sam Blake. A fast paced YA thriller. I genuinely couldn’t put this book down. It was full of suspense and I loved it.’- Leanne, Goodreads

‘It definitely kept me guessing until the very end. This book really had it all and was extremely thought provoking as it dealt with serious topic such as assault and deception.’ – Orla, Instagram

Praise for Something Terrible Happened Last Night:

‘a must-read for teens’ – Sunday Independent

‘an intriguing page-turner’ – Irish Times

‘something terrific is happening in YA fiction’ – Sunday Times

‘a fun murder-mystery… with smarts and a lot of heart’ – Independent

‘a classic whodunnit’ – Irish Examiner

‘a page-turning mystery which uses the ubiquity of social media to its advantage’ – Sunday Business Post

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Available in Paperback & Audio

Published by Gill Books & Bolinda Audio

Published May 2024

ISBN 978 0 7171 9716 3

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