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Online Writing Courses with Sam Blake

Over the years, running Inkwell and, as well as writing my own bestselling books, I’ve learned a HUGE amount about the writing process. I’ve sat in on hundreds of workshops and interviewed hundreds of authors about how they write, I’ve also worked with writers who have gone on to be award winners and bestsellers, helping them to perfect their stories.

2020 brought a global lockdown but also taught us new ways to engage – my world has always been predominantly online, so it’s a natural step for me to take what I’ve learned and create an online writing course around it, passing on some of my knowledge to help you with your writing journey. Drawing on years of experience, plus my own bestselling novels, both in series and standalone, I’ve developed a modular course for you that will guide you through the process of writing your book.

In What’s Your Story? I look at 5 key areas that you need to consider if you want to write a book, and for your book to hit the bestseller list:

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If you feel you need the support of an online writing group, myself and NLP coach Maira McHale run a wonderful Facebook group called Writers Ink, that recently featured on RTE Six One news. We have writers from all over the world, and it gives us a chance to offer support and direct critque. Find out more by clicking here.