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Remember My Name

‘This is an incredibly taut thrill with a tense undercurrent of threat rippling through every page. It’s compelling, modern thriller writing at its very best, combining sharply drawn characters with a dark, gripping plot. Utterly addictive!’ Victoria Dowd

‘deliciously twisted’ Daily Mail

‘A high-octane thrill-ride into the dark underbelly of cutting-edge tech, full of intrigue, glamour and unforgettable female characters. If your webcam isn’t already covered up, it will be after you read this book.’ Catherine Ryan Howard

A breathless STUNNER of a thriller and you need to read it!” Miranda Dickinson

Another Sam Blake cracker.’ William Ryan

Pacy, punchy and as twisted as the unalome symbol itself, Remember My Name is high-octane domestic noir’ Declan Burke, Irish Times

Smart, sharp and so addictive it will force you to put your entire life on hold…’ Julie @BookishJottings

‘Remember My Name is a heady cocktail of wealth, adultery, murder, bribery and corporate espionage, with a chaser of lies, greed and jealousy. The pacey plot is augmented by crisp writing and memorable characters.’ Breda Brown in the Sunday Independent

‘In the hands of a less talented writer, this might have amounted to an average thriller. Fortunately, Sam Blake ramps up the tension superbly and delivers one of her signature killer twists in a book that has more hairpin bends and turns than San Francisco’s famous Lombard Street…In Remember My Name, she seamlessly shifts up through the gears. What could have been a straight romantic tale of infidelity and retribution becomes a pedal-to-the-metal full-throttle murder mystery. The change of direction in the storyline is handled beautifully, and as mystery and mayhem envelop the main players, it becomes clear that virtually all of them have dark secrets to hide.’ Myles McWeeney,

‘In Remember my Name, Sam Blake combines cybercrime, infidelity, industrial subterfuge and murder, weaving a twisty, free-flowing tale that accelerates to a tub-thumping conclusion.’ Vaseem Khan

‘An electrifying tale of betrayal, sex and secrets peppered with ingenious psychological twists set in the cut-throat world of big tech, offshore accounts, and data security.’ Anthony J Quinn

“Immersive from the first chapter this fast-paced mix of murder mystery and psychological suspense is addictive reading.” Jane Hunt

…a compelling, gripping novel filled with surprises.” Becca Kate Blogs

‘Blake takes us into a world of deceit and double dealing among Dublin’s super-rich. A great high-stakes thriller with a very human touch.’  William Shaw

‘A twisty and compelling thriller, with engaging characters and a satisfyingly complex plot.’ Roz Watkins

High Pressure

The tension almost vibrates from the page and it is another must-read in my book.’ Aine Toner

‘‘High Pressure’ is superbly written.  Sam certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into what proves to be one hell of a story… I couldn’t turn the pages  quickly enough as I worked my way through the book.’ Ginger Book Geek

By the end of the first page I was interested—by page twenty I had shut down the rest of my day, pulled a blanket over my lap, stocked up on tea and biscuits and settled in for the ride…The pace didn’t let up until the end and neither did the twists. As the main plot pulls us quickly through the story, Sam Blake drops little breadcrumbs here and there, tiny shining jewels, that kept me absolutely glued to the page…Blake has a way of weaving each character’s tale effortlessly through the main story and although the cast feels small at first, it swiftly grows, and each new player brings their own game.’ Catherine Murphy Books Ireland

Absolutely loved this book by Sam Blake. It’s her best yet. The writing is great. The characters are superb, and there’s tension on every page. I love the fast pace of this book and there were some pretty great twists and surprises in store….A big 5 stars from me and I can’t wait to read the next book.’ Amanda E, NetGalley Reviewer

‘High Pressure’ is probably one of the best crime thrillers I’ve read. Completely in awe of writing style, the plot and characterization. It felt like watching a fast moving film. Descriptions of settings and events so utterly real and story completely captivating. My heart was racing reading it. Absolute page-turner.’ Nicola Kearns

What a read. An excellent read with creepy menace in it plus some gripping and twisty suspence too. Absolutely loved it. Couldn’t put it down. I loved Brioni. She was my favourite. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. But it won’t be the last. 5*.’ NetGalley Reviewer

‘Very thrilling read. Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start. Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable. Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously. Can’t wait to read what the author brings out next. Recommend reading. 5*’ NetGalley Reviewer

‘Every now and again a book comes along that totally blows you away and this was one of those.” 5* Donna Morfett

The Dark Room
Twisty, unpredictable and compelling Liz Nugent 

There’s shades of Rebecca in this small-town mystery, full of atmosphere and menace and with a satisfyingly complex plot. The Dark Room is another winning page-turner from Blake and the perfect read for curling up in front of the fire on a winter’s night. Although with its shocking reveals and ghostly undertones, good luck getting to sleep afterwards…  Catherine Ryan Howard

An addictive mystery, with a creepy twist  Angela Clarke 

Really enjoyed this twisty atmospheric read from ⁦@samblakebooks⁩  Olivia Kiernan

Thoroughly enjoyed #TheDarkRoom by @samblakebooks! Intelligent and compelling female leads, a spooky and atmospheric setting, and a gripping and satisfying plot. Roz Watkins

Keep Your Eyes on Me

“a gripping and twisty standalone psychological thriller” Irish Independent

“Blake’s strength lies in her ability to combine tough and memorable characters with a deliciously complex and fast-moving plot that never wanes.

She has taken the simple concept of revenge, but turned it into a riveting tale that criss-crosses the globe and involves smuggled antiques, forged artworks and even the Russian mafia.

The tension never lets up and as we hurtle towards the last few pages, Blake fires in one last plot grenade that makes you question everything you have just read.” Irish Independent

“Original, twisty and very gripping – this is a rollercoaster ride to be savoured.” WC Ryan

“One of those delights of scheming and machination where you really don’t know who’s manipulating whom until it’s far too late. And then tips you upside down at the end –  terrific!” Alex Marwood

“Riveting, complex and no bookmark needed!” Laura Rash (Wonderchick40) Bookstagrammer USA

I absolutely *love* a tale of women scorned getting revenge and this one did not let me down. I loved the escapism of it – I was living vicariously through those characters, I tell you. It was pacy and exciting and totally joyous. Jo Spain

A delightfully dark and satisfying thriller that had me anxiously cheering on the wronged women in their quest for revenge. Roz Watkins

The Cat Connolly Trilogy

Sam Blake creates unforgettable characters and dark plot twists full of intrigue (Liz Nugent)

Instantly gripping, perfectly paced, and filled with a brilliant cast of characters, led by the utterly likeable and relatable Detective Cathy Connolly. Writer Sam Blake moves cleverly between locations making sure that the reader is always in an interesting and revealing place that will bring them closer to uncovering the truth. And from the murky depths of these buried secrets comes an ending that truly shines. (Alex Barclay)

A stunning slap in the face of a novel. Beginning with a crime so shocking in its intensity that you have to read twice to grasp the horror. Then the narrative truly kicks in with breath-taking speedSuperb writing and a plot of adrenalised depth. This is easily a contender already for Irish crime novel of the year.
Be warned, the ending will rend your heart (Ken Bruen)

PD James meets Karin Slaughter in this stylish debutSam Blake has created a heroine crime sleuths will love in DC Cathy Connolly. She’s feisty, yet vulnerableextremely intelligent, yet deeply instinctive. In other words, the kind of woman you want to have a glass of wine with and pour your heart out to. (Niamh O’Connor)

It’s always a delight when fiction provides women with depth and personality . . . a deliberately paced, character driver mystery coupled with some genuinely creepy moments and labyrinthine twists makes Little Bones a worthwhile summer read. (The Irish Times)

This dark and juddering thriller . . . A major boon in Little Bones‘ appeal factor is Det Cat Connolly who leaps from the page . . . Little Bones has discussions to raise via Cat and her personal life, themes that colour the contemporary Ireland backdrop for the uninitiated. (Sunday Independent)

From the very first page the reader is treated to a tense, fast-paced journey of suspense. A thrilling debut with a gutsy protagonist and a memorable story. The pages will practically turn themselves . . . Highly Recommended. (Bleach House Library)

One to watch. (Crime Always Pays blog)

A truly engrossing read (

Tightly plotted, believably charactered and told with style – what more can you want? A great debut.’ (The Bookbag)

‘With so many twists and turns, both expected and unexpected, this book is entirely engrossing. I enjoyed this book so much that at just over halfway in I was already recommending it to friends that I thought would appreciate it.’ (The Quiet Knitter)

Incredibly engrossing with many twists & turns along the way….I would happily recommend Little Bones to anyone looking for a fast paced crime thriller Source: Swirl and Thread Blog

The start of an exciting new crime series introducing fearless Detective Cat Connolly…. one of the year’s most thrilling reads. Source: Easons

Little Bones is a fascinating story about old sins and family secrets. I found the book engrossing from the start, thanks to both the interesting story and its characters. Author: Magdalena Johansson Source: A Bookaholic Swede Blog

I was incredibly impressed by Little Bones. If you like your crime fiction to involve the more traditional police procedural, one that has a little more complexity to the generic, this may well be a book that you will really enjoy. Source: Cleopatra Loves Books Blog

Little Bones has suspense, mystery, suspicious death, festering families, a brilliantly executed plot, PLUS characters with plenty of flavour Source: Little Bookness Lane Blog

It was a great book, with some unexpected twist and with an ending that first was promising and then turned devastating. I recommend this book warmly! Source: It’s a Mad, Mad World

A gripping read Source: Irish Country Magazine

Sam Blake’s debut novel is a fast-paced thriller with a twisting plot and a likable heroine Source: Irish Times (Weekend Review)

From the very first page the reader is treated to a tense, fast-paced journey of suspense. A thrilling debut with a gutsy protagonist and a memorable story. The pages will practically turn themselves… Highly Recommended Source: Bleach House Library

Another cracking thriller, delivering a fast-moving, tense and shadowy plot full of unexpected twists and turns, and the palpable sense of danger that is becoming a hallmark of the Cat Connolly books Source: Lancashire Post

There are so many amazing twists in the plot that by the end you don’t know who to trust. I also enjoyed the ending which was fairly ambiguous. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and it definitely leaves you wanting more from the series Source: Warm Days Will Never Cease

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