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What’s Your Story? 5 Steps to Writing a Bestseller

This modular course is designed to bring you the key techniques that you need to master in order to write a book that has commerical potential. Building on my own experience, each module consists of a 30 minute video, selected PDFs and bonus material that outlines what you need to consider as you embark on a new project – our aim is to get your first draft down on paper, and then to shape it through the rewriting and redrafting process. Here’s the introduction in case you missed it:

You may be arriving here with a first draft already finished, or the bulk of your story written but struggling with a particular aspect of the process – choose the unit/s that will benefit you most. If you are just starting out, I guide you through creating the scaffolding that will support your story starting with Part 1 – there’s never been a better time to write, so start now!

Each course unit costs €24.95, just click the paypal button below to be taken the unit page to get unlimited access to the unit video, specially selected PDFs and bonus video.

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Unit 1: What’s the Big Idea? €24.95
  • Where do ideas come from?
  • What sort of idea is it? A novel or a short story?
  • Thinking time is vital – no time is ever wasted in the writing process
  • Research around your idea
  • Create a story board
  • Writing a blurb and why it’s a vital starting point
  • Expanding your blurb into a synopsis
  • Start building the scaffolding that will support your story

Unit 2: Whose Story is It? €24.95
  • Developing character
  • Character names and what they tell you
  • Understanding character, asking them questions.
  • Create a character bible
  • Avoiding cliched characters
  • Finding images of your characters
  • How many characters should there be in your story?
  • Whose story is it? What Point of View should you use?
  • Thinking about the best way to tell your story

Unit 3: To Plot or Not to Plot? €24.95
  • Are you a plotter?
  • Finding the direction of your story
  • Moving the story forwards
  • My plotting method
  • Allowing your characters to guide you
  • There’s no right or wrong way whether you decide to plot or prefer to write organically – tips from writers who approach the process differently to me
  • Getting the technical details right
  • How to approach each chapter
  • Focusing on getting to the end of the first draft

Unit 4: Getting Started €24.95
  • The blank page is daunting – ways to ease yourself into the story
  • Understanding that nothing is wasted.
  • What’s the point  of entry to your story?
  • Giving yourself permission to write a messy first draft
  • What is writers block and how can you deal with it?
  • Showing not telling and why it’s vital to master
  • Writing in scenes using character action and dialogue to show us what’s happening.
  • Using the five senses – and where’s the light coming from?
  • Writing in layers

Unit 5: Writing to the End €24.95
  • Finishing the first draft
  • How to approach the second draft
  • The editing process, what to look for
  • Reading on the screen and in print.
  • Ensuring your timeline makes sense
  • Character development – how do they change as a result of the story?
  • Adding character description and detail – painting a picture for the reader
  • Dialogue – does it sound real, is it needed, is it ‘saying’ the right thing?
  • Does the story need new twists? Is it ‘original and fresh’
  • Are the stakes high enough for the main characters to engage us?

With every unit there are two additional PDFs and bonus video materials:

Bonus Material

  • Understanding the business
  • Finding your community
  • Coping with rejection
  • What to do if you are offered a publishing contract
  • ‘Just keep writing.’

Buy unlimited access to the full course, Parts 1-5, plus additional material €99.95: