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Keep Your Eyes On Me

You won’t be able to look away

When Vittoria Devine and Lily Power find themselves sitting next to each other on a flight to New York, they discover they both have men in their lives whose impact has been devastating. Lily’s family life is in turmoil, her brother left on the brink of ruin by a con man. Vittoria’s philandering husband’s latest mistress is pregnant.

By the time they land, Vittoria and Lily have realised that they can help each other right the balance. But only one of them knows the real story…

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 “a gripping and twisty standalone psychological thriller”

Irish Independent

“Blake’s strength lies in her ability to combine tough and memorable characters with a deliciously complex and fast-moving plot that never wanes.

She has taken the simple concept of revenge, but turned it into a riveting tale that criss-crosses the globe and involves smuggled antiques, forged artworks and even the Russian mafia.

The tension never lets up and as we hurtle towards the last few pages, Blake fires in one last plot grenade that makes you question everything you have just read.”

Irish Independent

“Delightfully dark and satisfying”

Roz Watkins, author of the DI Meg Dalton series

“Original, twisty and very gripping – this is a rollercoaster ride to be savoured.”

WC Ryan

“One of those delights of scheming and machination where you really don’t know who’s manipulating whom until it’s far too late. And then tips you upside down at the end –  terrific!”

Alex Marwood

“Riveting, complex and no bookmark needed!”

Laura Rash (Wonderchick40) Bookstagrammer USA

“I absolutely *love* a tale of women scorned getting revenge and this one did not let me down. I loved the escapism of it – I was living vicariously through those characters, I tell you. It was pacy and exciting and totally joyous.”

Jo Spain

“A delightfully dark and satisfying thriller that had me anxiously cheering on the wronged women in their quest for revenge.”

Roz Watkins

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