Talking Books

I love talking to authors, and finding out about their inspiration and process – myself and my literary agent, Simon Trewin, started a series of Facebook Live chats at the start of lockdown in 2020, Winning the Writing Game. We’ve chatted to some phenomenal authors – you can see more on the Facebook Page: Joanne Harris, Kit de Waal, Adele Parks, Andrew Miller and many more. Simon covers literary fiction, and I chat to the crime writers, some of whom you’ll find below. Below too, find the interviews from my podcast Behind the Bestseller.

Simon Trewin chats to Sam Blake

Sam Blake chats to Sophie Hannah

Sam Blake chats to AA Dhand

Sam Blake chats to Catherine Ryan Howard

Sam Blake chats to Alex Reeve

Sam Blake chats to Jane Casey for Behind the Bestseller

Behind the Bestseller podcast series