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Something Terrible Happened Last Night




It’s Katie’s 17th birthday – the dancefloor is packed, the drink is flowing and Rave-fess, the Raven’s Hill School confession site, is alight with gossip. Then a huge fight breaks out, sending guests fleeing.

When Frankie, Jess and Sorcha go back to help Katie clear up her wrecked house before her parents get home, they find more than broken bottles … There’s a body on the living room floor.

The gripping teen thriller that will keep everyone guessing.

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“Sam Blake’s latest thriller Something Terrible Happened Last Night is a must-read for teens, but worth a go for anyone who’s suffered post-party dissonance, and who hasn’t?”

Sarah Caden,

“A smart handling of omnipresent smartphones, particularly in a genre that usually finds ways to remove them from the equation. An intriguing page-turner with a setting that has much potential for future twisty mysteries.”

Claire Hennessy, The Irish Times

“Sam Blake has created some fabulous, relatable characters here, each of whom is interesting, compelling and fiercely opinionated. There is a strong supportive bond between the three female lead characters who are trying to solve the mystery and find the murderer…The story flows effortlessly, and the reader’s investment in the characters will keep them turning the pages to find out what happens next. If you like a good murder mystery this new novel by Sam Blake will definitely be up your street! Here’s hoping it’s not her only venture into young adult territory.”

Ikki Keane, Inis Magazine

“Engrossing and terrifically twisty…unputdownable.” Eve McDonnell

‘The privileged south Dublin setting adds a particular Irish edge to this page-turning mystery, which uses the ubiquity of social media to its advantage. This is just one of several clever narrative hooks that Blake employs to keep the question of whodunnit, and indeed to whom, alive until the end.’ Sara Keating Sunday Business Post

“A great read for both YA and adults.” Ruth O’ Leary

“A fun read, a whodunit with a modern twist yet also with a touch of an Agatha Christie plot. Not too gritty but with a few sharp edges, Something Terrible happened Last Night is an engaging YA novel in an academic setting. Think teen Charlie’s Angels!” 

Mairead Hearne, Book Blogger

“I genuinely felt as though I was watching a teen Netflix show as I read it. Think ‘13 Reasons Why’ meets ‘Scream’, but if it were set in Dublin.” Erica’s Library

“What a page turner…!”  Halfway Up the Stairs

“A cracking book!”  Sarah Webb

“Highly recommended for all crime readers even if you are 40+ like me.”  Amanda J Evans

“Think an Irish ‘Nancy Drew’ style read packed with some very relatable teens, loads of twisty page-turning suspense, and betrayal galore, all played out under the omnipresent and unforgiving glare of social media. This is a book easy to devour in one sitting, and I certainly want to read more books featuring these budding supersleuths!” Georgina, Reads Eats Explores

“This is a fun, fast paced read. I absolutely did not guess who the victim was going to be, or in fact the murderer! I really enjoyed how this book doesn’t talk down to teens; the characters are smart and supportive of each other, and use their knowledge of social media and technology to help solve a crime. You love to see it!”

Chloe, Blogger at Nurse Fancy Pants


“You could easily see it being adapted for a Netflix series….it’s good fun, a story with smarts and a lot of heart: which, as it happens, sums up the heroines of Something Terrible Happened Last Night. Frankie, Sorcha and Jess are all dead sound, the kind of girls you’d be proud to have as a daughter and fortunate to have as a friend — and, as a reader, happy to root for.”

Darragh McManus


“The mystery is fantastic too – I love having the plan of the house to know what’s happening where, and the idea of reconstructing everyone’s movements through social media posts is fascinating!”

ReadandReviews Blog


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