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I’ve been invited by some lovely podcast hosts to talk to them about The Mystery of Four, plus I enjoyed a brilliant chat with Karen at the UK Crime Book Club on Facebook. I love how each of these are so different and dip into different aspect of my books and the story development in The Mystery of Four.

Kicking off here with some radio first on The Last Word Culture Club – if audio is your thing, there’s lots here to keep you busy (organised in date order). Just click the title links, images or ‘listen back’ link to listen up!

The Last Word Culture Club

Every week on The Last Word a well known personality is inducted into their Culture Club. These personalities are asked to pick their favourite movies, TV shows, albums, books, gigs etc and tell everyone why they resonate so much with them.

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Pat Kenny on Newstalk

Pat Kenny brings his experienced broadcasting style and incisive analysis to the day’s news and current affairs now at the new time of 9am. The show mixes strong current affairs analysis, human interest interviews with light entertainment stories and live music.

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The daily arts and popular culture show on RTE One.

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The Goldster Podcast with Lucinda Hawksley

Who doesn’t love a good book that excites the mind and the imagination? Join the live Goldster Book Club to discuss their Book of the Month, and put questions to well-known authors during their weekly Inside Stories. Goldster is co-hosted by the fabulous Lucinda Hawksley author, art historian, public speaker and broadcaster, who specialises in literature, art, history and social history from the 19th and early 20th centuries. She’s an award-winning travel writer with a love of the environment: cetaceans are one of her passions and she’s a volunteer speaker for the Whales & Dolphins Conservation Society. She’s also a great great great granddaughter of Charles and Catherine Dickens and an expert on her famous ancestor.

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The Global Discussion

The Global Discussion podcast builds on The Global Interview brand, which has already seen over 400 written/published articles. The podcast features carefully curated guests from an exciting cross-section of creatives, leaders, and thinkers. New episodes are available on Apple, Google, and Spotify podcasts and all leading podcast platforms. You can listen to and watch the episodes on their dedicated YouTube channel and the website.

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The Write and Wrong Podcast

Ever wondered what goes into publishing a book? In the Write and Wrong podcast, Jamie Greenwood chats with authors, agents, editors and more, to find out what it takes for a book to go from an idea in the writer’s head, all the way through to publication.

Check out Jamie’s other podcast, The Chosen Ones and Other Tropes here.

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UK Crime Book Club Interview

Thank you so much to Karen Huxtable for a brilliant chat!

With almost 30,000 members, the UK Crime Book Club is the place to go on Facebook to find new authors and talk all things crime! (I need to fix my lighting, I look like a ghost!)

And if all that isn’t enough, you can listen to The Mystery of Four in audio, read by the incredible Aoife McMahon – use your Audible credit or download via BorrowBox at your library!

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