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I was thrilled to be asked by Olly Jarvis, founder of the fabulous new website to write a short story to celebrate their launch. I’m in incredible company with stories by Gyles Brandreth and Anne Cleaves, read by Stephen Fry and Aldred Molina! Here’s mine:

An exclusive recording created for The Crime Hub.

False Impressions: The Art of the Con
Written by Sam Blake

Narrated by Susannah Fielding

When twins Ruby and Scarlett O’Malley realise that their step-mother is spending their inheritance they must act fast to save their father’s art collection.

But not everything goes to plan. Shocked to discover that their first impressions are false, they have a lot to learn in the art of the con.

Click to pop over to their site and have a listen!

The text version of this story comes free when you sign up for my newsletter, plus some extra info about things I love! It’s a prequel to my thriller Keep Your Eyes on Me – the newsletter sign up box is at the bottom  of the page 🙂

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